December 30, 2013

Late Christmas post

24th of December isn't actually my Christmas. In Russia, Christmas is celebrated in a different way on the 7th of January. But since I lived more than half of my life in Dubai, I'm used to the Christmas eve big gatherings and opening presents in the morning. Sometimes, I actually really miss that. Though I live in Moscow now, I still have a strong Christmas feeling starting from the mid December, every year, no matter what weather it is (and it's early spring in Moscow, no winter out there). I believe that any festive mood is created by the person himself, not by the weather or decorations, as many suppose. I re-watch Christmas movies lying on my bed with lit electric garlands around my canopy and something scrumptious by my side, listen to those old Christmas edition cds that are starting to sound like a broken record through years and other usual pre-christmas activities. In someway, this is the time of year when I can just rest after studying (especially this year, cause uni is hard!) and do nothing except spoil myself. This year I have more to say, than to show. It was a very busy December, so taking photos wasn't my priority, but I do have something! Bellow there are a few close-ups of one of my most favorite Christmas tree ornaments we have this year and some everyday photos that are supposed to (I hope so) be filled with warmth and fuzziness.